Homeless Prevention Program

Christina Dick, Program Director

The Homeless Prevention Program assists households who have faced a crisis situation that have rendered them homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. This may include a court-ordered eviction, fire victims, home foreclosures, reduced income, medical emergencies, etc. There are several requirements to eligibility for this program. Helpful staff may guide households through this process.

Appointments are required, along with several documents necessary in processing a household’s application. Expect the initial intake appointment to take up to one hour. Call your local GMN office for a list of required documents and to schedule an appointment to determine eligibility.

GMN Guernsey County Office     740/685-2422

GMN Monroe County Office        740/472-0828

GMN Noble County Office            740/732-2388

GMN Belmont County Office      740/695-0293 ext. 209

A program application is available at the following links.

Program Application Cover Letter

Program Application