Electric Energy Partnership Program


The Universal Service Fund Electric Partnership Program (EPP) resulted from Senate Bill Number Three. The program is designed to reduce the electric usage of customers enrolled in the Percentage of Income Plan (PIPP). By reducing the usage of the PIPP customers, the accompanying arrearage owed to the electric investor owned companies will be reduced. A reduction in the arrearage within the PIPP customer population is expected to result in a lowering of the PIPP rider which is charged to all of the cutomers.

To be eligible a household must be a customer of a PIPP regulated electrical company and be an active PIPP participant at their current residence for a minimum of 12 months. Customers are rated as Baseload, Moderate Use, or Low Use customers. Baseload and Moderate Use customer receive higher priority and are completed first.

The Electric Partnership Program provides energy education and eligible electric insulation retrofits to customers in Monroe, Noble, and Guernsey counties. An electrical energy audit is conducted at each site and all cost effective electrical retrofits are installed after determination of cost of usage. Eligible retrofits can include compact fluorescent bulbs, refrigerator and freezer replacements, electric hot water usage retrofits such as tank & pipe wraps and low-flow water devices.

Homes heated with electric are completed under the TEE component of the program, which also include home weatherization measure such as attic, sidewall & floor insulation and blower door directed air leakage work.

The program is open to homeowners and renters, but certain restrictions apply to rental households.