Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB)

Barbara Hastings, Program Director

GMN Tri-County CAC, Inc. is now an Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) site. The OBB is an Internet-based Program Service Assistant service that helps low and moderate income individuals and families file for benefits for which they are eligible. OBB connects communities to resources by providing a practical technological solution to the complex and cumbersome process by which low income households gain access to public benefit programs.

The Ohio Benefit Bank also offers free income tax filing services for eligible households with a gross annual income of less than $60,000. Tax counselors are trained to assist households in receiving all tax credits for which they qualify, with no fees. Returns are normally received within 7-10 days if using direct deposit.

All services through the Ohio Benefit Bank require an appointment and there are documents that are needed to process an accurate application. Please contact your local GMN office for an appointment if interested in the services mentioned.


GMN Guernsey County Office     740-439-7634

GMN Monroe County Office        740-472-0828

GMN Noble County Office            740-732-2388