Project Partnership

Christina Dick, Program Director

Project Partnership is a program that provides support services to Kindergarten to Eighth grade at-risk students and their families. Case Managers placed in the elementary schools will help these students overcome difficulties that are hindering their personal and social growth. Case Managers also focus on educational, informational, and referral services that will meet the needs of the whole family. This program is operated in Monroe County with TANF eligible students.

The program is designed to provide the following intervention strategies: appropriate personal behavior, proper social interaction skills, conflict resolution, community service, asset building activities, and parent education programs.

These support services will allow students to be come responsible for their own behavior, develop age appropriate social skills, demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers and authority figures, become more proficient in their decision making skills which will enhance their academic achievements. Parents and families of these youth will experience less stress through school difficulties and negative behaviors of children, and in return families who are new members of the workforce will make the transaction easier and ensure employment opportunities are more retainable through reduction of negative behaviors at home and school.